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Xanadu Rift: Planes of Telara Parser

The goal of this project is to provide a log parser for Rift: Planes of Telara. This project is based on Xanadu Core Parser

User manual



For people that have no clue what java is and how to set it up correctly, download the following version: riftParserWithJavaIncluded
If you know what you are doing: riftParser

Plugin developper


About Xanadu

Xanadu is a gaming community setup in 1999 through the first Half-Life Counterstrike betas. From a solid base of 25 Xanadu members in CS, the community branched out to Planetarion which it played for 3 years and where it forged the structure that it maintains today. Subsequent games include eve-online since its beta stages in 2002, a continual presence in Everquest2 since November 2004, Vanguard from January 2007 until January 2010 and since summer 2009 also AION. In excess of 2000 people have called themselves Xanadu througout our current gaming cycles and dependant on game types. Hence you will find many gamers playing with a Xanadu tag around the internet gaming universe.
In Summary we play games to:
  • Create a community which members can rely on
  • To excel and win in whatever we play and thereby merge those with similar ambitions into one group
  • To enjoy ourselves whilst gaming

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